Housework gets men laid

Apparently, women are much more likely to hop into bed with a man who does the housework, according to new research. What a great way to get men off the sofa and in front of the sink or behind the hoover!

It might all be a cunning ploy to get the dishes done, but it seems to be a win-win situation. Women beware, though! You don’t want your men getting too fond of the hoover, eh?

More research tells us men are looking after their women’s health by giving them regular sex. Plenty of rumpy-pumpy can halve the risk of heart attacks in women. And a hormone in sperm can even help prevent depression. Bless the little fellas…

So women, get a bit of what’s good for you - sex. And guys, strap on a frilly apron and get working with those marigolds, if you want more sex. And when you’re done, we recommend the apron makes an appearance in the bedroom. The gloves we’ll leave up to you.

(Image: from psd’s Flickr stream)

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