‘Houdini’-style sex game killed spy

Bag-in-the-bath spy Gareth Williams died after a kinky sex game went tragically wrong, detectives reported yesterday.

Cops believe the 31-year-old spook was into claustrophilia, when people get turned on by being in enclosed and confined spaces.

It’s believed that code-breaking Gareth died accidentally of suffocation after agreeing to be locked into the 32-inch-long holdall by another, as yet unknown, person.

The maths wizard was zipped into the bag with a padlock snapped shut through two eyeholes in the bag’s handles, but the key was found inside.

An examination of Mr Williams’ two laptops showed that he visited sites on claustrophilia. There were also links to sado-masochistic and bondage websites.

With no signs of injury to the body and toxicology tests also drawing a blank, foul play has been ruled out, though cops are on the look out for a couple who visited Mr Williams in August.

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