Honey I hid the willy

Imagine getting married only to discover that the woman you called wife is actually a man? Well just that unfortunate scenario happened to Fu Shitou, a happily married Chinese man whose dutiful wife had managed to pull the wool over his eyes for a whopping 3 years.

Wei Jinhua was brought to book after being picked up by police and strip searched following a family argument. Police were shocked to find Wei had a full set of crown jewels, and took her home to face the music. When quizzed as to how his wife's secret had eluded him for so long, a shocked Fu said; “I can’t believe I didn’t know. But we never had sex - I just wanted someone to take care of me.”

Unbelieveably, Wei walked free after police ordered the tranny to undergo a short back and sides. There's probably a divorce on the cards too.

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