Holy moly!

Soho - the gay mecca of London and haunting/hunting ground for hundreds of gay and lesbian men and women is also the home to a particular Anglican church which openly welcomes LGBT people from all backgrounds and groups into its fold. Recently, however, services might be on hold at St. Anne's for the time being as officials rush to replace the church's priest who was recently fired for hitting on a couple of gay servicemen.

Rev. David Gilmore had invited two gay servicemen to stay in his lodgings whilst they attending an LGBT conference in London, the Pinknews reports. Alarm bells might have been ringing at this point but who can say no to free accommodation in a priest's lodgings?

'The tribunal heard that [Gilmore] entered the couple’s bedroom naked during the night when he knew they were having sex. He had also asked them to sleep in his bed. The couple left early in the morning and made written complaints about his behaviour. Mr Gilmore was barred from working as a priest for two years, a statement from the Diocese of London said.'

It seems that both priests of all denominations are getting a bad rep these days!

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