Suri not Penis candy?!

The world's media seems to focus on Suri Cruise an inordinately large amount of the time: she's the daughter of two of Hollywood's most quirky actors, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and is growing up in a mysterious world of money and scientology. Despite appearing like a grown-up trapped in a child's body - sporting high-heels, giving fashion advice to her mother who has set up her own fashion company - Suri is still only a child who innocently decided to have a taste of some rather odd-shaped sweets, Jezebel reveals.

The poor princess had no idea that the sweets she wanted Mummy to buy when out on a recent shopping trip with her were in fact penis-shaped candies, and not Gummy-bears, pear-drops or any number of innocent seeming sugary treats. Clearly, Suri's penchant for sugar meant anything that was likely to cause tooth-rot would be a hit but mum Katie decided against purchasing this particular brand.

'The paparazzi caught Suri playing with a box of 'fruity flavored penis gummies' at Serendipity in New York yesterday [...] Katie Holmes refused to buy the candies, and since Suri probably thought the box said 'ice cream cone gummies,' we're guessing she emerged from the incident unscathed.'

After all, the kid's got some way to go before developing a rock-and roll rebellious teenage persona and finding out about eye-candy instead.

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