H&M staff brighten up working day

H&M used to be where the discerning fashionista on a shoe string went to stake out all the latest trends. Well now it can add knocking shop to its bow. The Queen Street H&M store in Cardiff is at the centre of a sex scandal after it has been revealed that staff are getting to know each other better - a lot better - in the changing rooms. In a nutshell, when certain staff at the store say 'I've just got to nip into the back' what they really mean is 'I'm just popping out for a sha*.'

A source told Wales on Sunday: “It was revealed last week that staff of the H&M Cardiff store have been actively engaging in sexual activities throughout the working day, often with customers no more than a few feet away. Some staff are regularly taking breaks to the staff room, toilets, stock room and even the shop floor to carry out these scandalous activities.”

H&M bosses in London were horrified to hear of the scandal and have launched an immediate investigation. While noone has yet been dismissed, it's only a matter of time until CCTV footage identifies the culprits, i.e anyone coming out of the changing room redfaced, with their flies undone or with a big silly smile on their face.

Given the young, good looking demographic that tends to be H&M staff, this may have been a retail disaster just waiting to happen.....

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