Foney Facebook Friends

In all seriousness, there are many sociological reasons why peer social networking sites are affecting our modern day relationships in a negative way. We're forming friendships with people we hardly know or haven't met for real and we're expecting emotional responses from them. Our oldest friends settle for sound-bites about our plans and responses to events in the real world. Whilst there are other websites for meeting people to get your rocks off with, one particular incident involving Facebook shows just how little you really know the person behind the profile.

In Malaysia, a gay man with HIV and the pseudonym 'Alvin' has been using the social networking website to organise hook-ups with other men in his area. What those guys didn't know was that 'Alvin' would end up stealing their money and possessions and that they might have been infected with the virus, Pinknews informs us.

'One [victim] who identified himself as ‘Lee’ told the The Star newspaper in Malaysia that he fell in love with the man, who stayed at his house for three days before stealing around £1000 of belongings including a laptop as well as his credit cards. Another, ‘Kor’ said that the man: 'said he loved me and wanted me to be his boyfriend,' before stealing his wallet. '‘I want him to be stopped before he harms more people.'

You laugh but we can foresee a future where identity is everything and there are fingerprint scanners for profiles and biometric data made available online. And maybe a move back to the days when you might get to know someone a little better before hooking-up with them.

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