Nepal's answer to viagra

Meatloaf once sang 'I would do anything for love...but I won't do that.' Wise words about self-control, nay, even abstinence some might say but those rock-legendary words of wisdom resonate in any situation where for example, given an alternative to taking a horrific form of natural viagra, such as permanent lack of hard-on, you might choose the latter.

It seems that currently, New Yorkers are all too keen to choose the former, forking out thousands of dollars for a Nepalese type of fungus-coated worm that is said to boost the libido of its consumer exponentially, if taken in small doses every day, Jezebel reports. You may be friendless but hey, you have the sex-drive of a mad March hare.

'As recently as a decade ago, the worms only cost $6.50 an ounce, but recent hype around Himalaya Viagra (shudder) has inflated the price to almost Dutch tulip-like levels, and as the crop has become more valuable, violence has claimed the region of Nepal where the worms are found.'

Come February 14th, the ethical choice of aphrodisiac will probably be a simple punnet of strawberries and some oysters. Who needs fungus-worms for Valentine's Day dinner?

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