High on the hills was a lonely soapstar

One of the perils of internet dating is that no matter how well you get on with a cyber-buddy or potential partner based any where around the world, you have no guarantee that that person will actually turn out to be the real deal: busty blondes are really bookish brunettes, He-man is really Pee-Wee Herman. One soapstar however, knew exactly what she was getting herself into when she said yes to marrying Yassim al-Jemoni, a Moroccan goatherd. A lifetime of goat's cheese.

Despite the fact that Yassim is twenty one years younger than Cheryl Fergison (who plays bumbling outcast Heather Trott in the soap), the chemistry is very real between the two, the News of the World reports. Cheryl admits that Yassim 'treats [her] like a woman' and when the two met in Morocca, on a hillside where Yassim lives, they 'romped in a field where he herds goats because there was no room for her to stay at his mum and dad's flat.'

Fellow Eastender cast members are supporting Cheryl in her decision but admit to being slightly bewildered by this turn of events. Perhaps they think that Cheryl's living in a soap of her own.

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