'Here's looking at you, stud'

Casablanca: with its iconic world war setting, tragic love story and famous one-liners, it remains fixed in our minds as a perfect picture of faded Hollywood glamour and simmering sexuality. However, fans taking another look at the flick might want to look deeper into the chemistry between leading stars Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart as a new biography of the male actor's life suggest that he slept with Bergman and hundreds of other women to hide his homosexuality.

The new book 'Humphrey Bogart, the Making of a Legend' by journalist Darwin Porter suggests that Bogart was chronically afraid of becoming impotent and his growing feelings towards men and so bedded hundreds of famous actresses and ordinary women before marrying fiesty actress Lauren Bacall in 1945, the Pinknews reveals.

'He was keeping score with his first wife, Helen Menken, who had a lot of lesbian affairs,' said Mr Porter. 'They were both chased by the same women, including Jazz Age star Louise Brooks and the flamboyant Tallulah Bankhead.'

Bogart apparently requested that zippers be added to his trousers once the device had been invented in 1926, to save time. There's insecurity over your sexuality and then there's scheduling three minute 'liaisons' in between script run-throughs!

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