Hefner ditched

He may be 85 but Hugh Hefner is showing no signs of slowing down his Lothario ways. The Playboy boss was ditched by his wife-to-be just five days before their wedding, but quickly appears to have found comfort in the arms of another Playboy model, 25 year old Anna Sophia Berglund.

Hefner and his fiance Crystal Harris were due to marry on Saturday in a ceremony at his LA mansion in front of 300 guests. Crys, however, seemed to experience a sudden bout of cold feet and ran off to Las Vegas, where she hosted a pool party instead (why not?). According to The Sun she appeared to be coping very well, saying: 'I want to relax and not think this was my wedding day.'

Meanwhile, back at the Playboy mansion, Berglund is said to have moved in to Hefner's room and they are reported to be calling each other 'babe' and canoodling in the back row of Hefner's cinema. Ahhhh, young love.

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