Harry's senior moments

Prince Harry is finding it difficult to contain rumours that he enjoyed romantic dalliances with a reality TV star 13 years older than him.

Catherine Davies once claimed she enjoyed a ‘long, lovely kiss’ after an evening of flirting with the prince four years ago, back when she was 34. And now Davies’ former nanny (why she needs a nanny at her age we don’t know) claims Catherine met with Harry on numerous occasions. Monica Herrero alleges that the prince even sent a limousine to pick her up twice in one week in 2007.

This nanny, who was then 20, revealed: ‘While I was living with Catherine a car with a chauffeur came for her twice. Her daughters would tell me: ‘This is the car that Prince Harry sends for mummy.’

‘Although she was my boss, when she was really happy she would share things with me, like what happened with Prince Harry. She would show me messages that he sent her, and she said he wanted to take her hand and travel around the world. Catherine told me that one time that she kissed Prince Harry in a bathroom.’

That bathroom detail certainly lends the story a measure of credibility. But … wait … Catherine Davies … Chelsea Davy … The similarity in last names cannot be a coincidence. Rumour confirmed.

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