Harry’s heli instructor in sex pest claims

The Army major who helped Prince Harry get his wings as a helicopter pilot was yesterday arrested over allegations he is a sex pest.

Christopher Hearn, 48, is married, but stands accused of ‘propositioning’ a female cleaner at Army Air Corps base in Middle Wallop, Hants.

After the MOD investigated the complaint, they swiftly handed the matter to local police.

Prince Harry, 26, is third in line to the throne, and has asked to be kept informed of developments.

Major Hearn taught Hazza to fly choppers, and leads the team training the prince to fly the mega 46 million pound Apache gunship.

Military big wigs have allowed him to carry on with his work while an investigation takes place.

A spokesperson from the MOD said: ‘Hampshire Police are investigating and it would be inappropriate to comment further.’

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