Harry’s got style

He must be one of the smuggest sixteen-year-olds out. One Direction’s hunky Harry Styles has struck up a saucy love match with a model seven years his senior.

The baby-faced X Factor hopeful has been seeing Syanne Patterson, 23, after meeting the stunning model backstage.

The pair have reportedly been engaging in tongue sarnies and generally getting up to no good for a couple weeks now, though they were only sprung last weekend.

A source told The Sun: ‘They've been seeing each other really hush-hush for a bit but producers started asking questions. He's completely smitten.’

Meanwhile, Styles's fellow contestant Matt Cardle is rumoured to be seeing Britain's Next Top Model star Grace Woodward. After crossing the streams in an unheard of yet largely inevitable act of reality TV show cross-pollination, who knows what will happen to viewer ratings?

If this is the Armageddon, you’ll find us hiding behind the sofa.

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