Harry wants Chelsy at wedding

Bad boy turned military hero Prince Harry has invited old flame Chelsy Davy to his big bro’s wedding – despite the fact that they broke up a couple of months back.

The move seems sure to set tongues wagging that their on-off relationship is back on, with Hazza, 26, keen to jet over to see Zimbabwean-born Chelsy, who’s in South Africa completing her law training, during the Christmas break from his pilot training.

Posh Chelsy,25, has been angling for a wedding invite from the get go, and last week contacted Kate Middleton to gush over news of her impending nuptials.

‘Chelsy was genuinely happy for Kate and wanted to wish her all the best,’ said a pal of Chelsy. ‘She has been speaking to Harry, who’s very excited about the wedding and helping William plan his big day. It got Chelsy thinking that she would like to be there, too. All of her friends in Jo’burg are predicting that she will be at the wedding.’

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