Hardcore protesters

Something rather raunchy went down in the Moscow’s Biology Museum last Friday. Those looking to inform themselves on the natural world, got decidedly more than they bargained for.

A group of performance artists decided to set up their own exhibition giving a rather graphic illustration of the Bird and the Bees. The group called Voina, stripped naked in the middle of the museum and starting to have sex for their performance piece entitled “F*** for Medvedev” – the politician taking over from Putin as Russian president in May.

Their title “F*** for Medvedev” was first put on a banner at a pro-Kremlin youth rally, but for obvious reasons, didn’t get quite get the same the reaction. So they decided to take their written slogan one step further, putting in a literal element into the literary. And well, they certainly got a point across – we’re just not quite sure what it is…

Nonetheless, all this political humping certainly caused quite a stir with press and police showing up to see what was going on. This display certainly trumped the old naked protest – people barely bat an eyelid at girls and boys in their birthday suits…

Could this signal the end of flashing a bit of flesh for publicity with full hardcore to get noticed instead? Will there be more penetrative protesting, or maybe in flagrante porn stars advertising breakfast cereal? We can see it now: “These crispy flakes are what gets us up (phnaar) in morning!”

(Image: from icanteachyouhowtodoit’s flickr stream)

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