Hands-free is not just for mobiles

Only in America. A team of top designers is in the process of producing a hands-free device that administers sexual relief to men too lazy to do it themselves. You can hear the advertising spiel now: “Ever found it hard to eat a bagel, work the TV remote and get your rocks off? Multitasking not your thing, or do you sometimes need a helping hand?  Well, Rubbot could be for you. It’s the first hands-free masturbation machine. Get yours today. Fittings while you wait.”

The inventors claim the ring-shaped prototype promises a product that’s not just hands-free, but ‘cool-looking’ and ‘compact’– meaning it’s one for the mantelpiece and you can take it to work.

When it’s on the market the Rubbot team expect the device to set you back around $100, however they are giving away free prototypes to product testers, to help in their quest to find the perfect electronic masturbator. No serious malfunctions have yet been reported.

Would you test one?

(Image: from headcase’s Flickr stream) 

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