Hacker arrested for big screen skin flick prank

Russian police are reported to have arrested the naughty hacker who replaced a commercial video on a giant video screen in central Moscow with an interracial skin flick last month.

The incident took place at 11pm on 14 January near the Russian capital's Garden Ring Road. Shocked bystanders were treated to two minutes of unadulterated porn courtesy of the unnamed hacker.

According to Pravda police have traced the computer whiz, a 40-year-old unemployed male surprise surprise, to the Black Sea port town Novorossiysk.

A police spokesperson explained how the screen had been hacked: 'He [40-year-old onanism enthusiast] used a hostile program to hack the website of a company located in Chechnya. Afterwards, he penetrated into the server responsible for the operation of the screen in Moscow.'

'The hacker replaced one of the commercial video files on the playlist with an adult video. He said that he decided to hack a resource in Chechnya because he was certain that the police would never go there for investigation.' Sounds dead simple.

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