Guantanamo gone very wrong

'Safe words', which are used during bondage sessions to let the other controlling partner know when to stop with a specific punishment/torture are only really of use if you are able to get out of the awkward position or situation you are put in when the word is used. Unfortunately for one pensioner, Lionel Webster, 61, this was not the case, the Sun Online tells us.

Mr. Webster regularly frequented the house of Mr. and Mrs. Richardson, paying them £150 per bondage session in their old, converted garage, where he was able to enjoy his fetish for Guantanamo Bay style orange boiler suits, cuffs and a hood.

Mrs. Richardson told those attending the hearing for Lionel's death that at the time of the incident, 'he'd never worn the collar [that was used] before. I put cuffs on him and fixed them to the frame. We started and then he made a funny noise. I asked him if he wanted to carry on and he said yes. Then his head went forward.'

Mr. and Mrs. Richarson attempted to unlock Lionel but they key to his collar had been left inside his boiler suit, and due to his weight the pair were unable to lift him and free him from his hood.

A respected jeweller in his area, Mr. Webster visited the Richardson's house ever since he spotted an advert in a fetish magazine.

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