Growing old

Ever gazed into that special someone’s eyes and thought about spending the rest of your life with them? Then imagined having kids and growing old together, thought – “Hmm, I wonder what you’ll look like when your face has been touched by the hands of time? Will it have been a gentle caress or a big hard slap?”

Let’s be honest, we all want to know if our loved one will - like a fine wine - get better with age. Or if their lovely face will end up as one big, fat wrinkled mess? Well now you can…

Ageprogression.org allows you to see what someone might look like in the years to come, by using forensic compositing, normally used to help solve crimes and find missing people. Just send in a picture of your partner and like magic they will put their face through the ageing process. They’ll even take their lifestyle into consideration – we all know that boozing and smoking takes its toll!

So before you say “yes” to a lifetime with your loved one, find out what they’ll look like a little further down the line. Let’s face it – you wouldn’t want to spend the rest of your life with a prune…

(Image: from rageoss’s flickr stream)

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