Grope-free Japanese commuting

Japanese public transport is internationally famous for two things: the Bullet Train (good) and men who like to grope unsuspecting female commuters (most definitely bad). In 2005 alone, 1,853 people were arrested on the trains of Tokyo for trying to cop a feel – and they’re just the ones who got caught.

Now technology may have come to the rescue. Games developer Takahashi has launched the ‘Anti-Groping Appli’, an electronic device that warns off gropers by displaying messages such as:

• Did you just grope me?
• Groping is a crime.
• Shall we head to the police?

We feel that a harsher approach could be adopted. Electrified underwear? Cattle prods? Maybe a little extreme. Still the tried and tested grab-his-hand-and-shout method is always a perp-humiliating winner.

(Image: from briannadanese’s Flickr stream)

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