Grandmas get sexy – ja?

A nice jumper?  A pair of socks? These are the usual presents we expect from our oldest relatives, don’t we? Well, a group of German grannies plan to dispel this myth. They’ve only gone and designed their own extra-special range of clothing - woollen fetish wear.

The octogenarian frauen say they want to show that wool can be used for anything –including knitting sexy gear. Spicing-up their hobby and selling their winter warmers on the net, the old ladies are set to make a tidy sum of money. The raunchy range from the internet-savvy pensioners will certainly get you hot under the collar – and a little itchy, maybe. It offers would-be dungeon-dwellers a choice of lambswool face masks, angora willy warmers and mohair lingerie.

Perfect for if you’re not too wimpy to be gimpy, have a chilly willy or just want some fluff around your… you know what we mean.

(Image: from Naked Knitting)

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