Gran: I’ll change my waiss

Katie Waissel’s transformation from X Factor hopeful to z-list celebrity is just about complete, with the upstart singer finally eliminated from the TV show on Sunday night. But as she fades from a nation’s conscience, there’s time yet for another story about her prostitute grandmother.

Pensioner Sheila Vogel-Coupe, who has hired Max Clifford and is allegedly considering an offer to make a film of her life, has said that she doesn’t think of herself as a prostitute, and vowed never again to make a porn film.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, the 81-year-old, who is alleged to have worked as an escort and starred in the film Freddie's Great British Granny Bang, said:

’When my second husband died I was lonely and I answered a few advertisements because I enjoy the company of a man. I had the company of a few men which I thoroughly enjoyed then found an agency on the internet looking for nice ladies like me to do this sort of work.’

When asked how she saw herself, Vogel-Coupe said: ‘I never thought thought of myself as being a prostitute. I think of myself as a high-class escort. I am attractive and well-spoken and have travelled around the world and the gentlemen that come to me liked that.’

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