If you suspect your partner of being a secret internet porn junkie but can’t prove it, help is at hand. A special dongle provides suspicious and uncommunicative partners a way of catching out erring love ones with a porno fixation.

The Porn Detection Stick is a nifty USB device that plugs into your computer and scans the hard disk for dodgy images.

There’s no thwarting the stick – even if files are renamed or deleted it will collect anything considered suspect. The porn detector will then create a gallery of all found images, which can be blurred out if the prudish spy so wishes, or left in their original form to reveal the porn lover’s shame in all its nefarious glory.

For people with no trust in their relationships, the device is perfect – it leaves no trace on the scanned machine, so there’s no way your partner can tell you’ve been snooping. It’s not bad for price either – at only 104 nicker this gizmo’s a snip!

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