Got a migraine? Just fall in love...

'Doctor, Doctor! I've got a massive migraine! What can I take?' No this isn't the beginning of another awful knock-knock-type joke, involving mother-in-laws or bizarre ailments but the start of a normal conversation you could have with your local quack. However, he or she is unlikely to prescribe you a course of 'falling in love', despite loving feelings having recently been proven to help reduce physical pain.

Those good old science boffins over at Stanford University have been thrusting red-hot rods into the hands of a number of students, some of which were armed with photos of their loved ones. Those looking at their lover reported feeling 45% less pain than those who weren't, Asylum reports.

'The study also involved a brain scan, which revealed this love-based pain relief triggers the same part of the brain that is affected when a person takes morphine or cocaine.'

That would explain the common phenomenon known as 'serial monogramy' then. For shame, you users, you!

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