Gore wanted more from masseuse

Environmentalist campaigner and former runner for the job of President of the USA, Al Gore has been getting some bad press recently, in the dubious (yet curvaceous?) shape of a mysterious 54 year old (!!) masseuse, who claims the recently-made-single father of four wanted extra services for a $400 massage in some hotel four years ago.

The massage therapist, who has yet to be named, has told the Sun Online that when they met back in 2006, he insisted that she call him 'Al' and that he complained about his hectic llifestyle. Supposedly making several advances towards the mystery woman, Gore apparently asked her to massage a part of his body lying to the south of his abdomen, before helping himself to her body by groping her bottom and and breasts.

The woman claims she retaliated calling him a 'crazed sex poodle', explaining that she was 'distressed, shocked and terrified' and supposedly afraid to speak about the incident before now, for fear of not being believed. Or being laughed at for such a ridiculous retaliation, maybe?

The case has not been taken forward due to a spectacular lack of evidence, despite the accusor preserving the black pants the 'attack' supposedly took place on. Something tells me the CSI had rather more pressing things to investigate.

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