Google nudes

The great thing about photographing the whole world is that there are bound to be a few people snapped in the nude. It makes you realise that everything we do fully-clothed we could also do undressed. Now the bizarre picture of a naked man reading a book has been discovered on Google Street View.

The mystery image shows the mystery man sitting on the porch of his home.

If you look closely you can see his shorts are placed beside him on the bench – proving without doubt his nude credentials.

Luckily, while he holds the book with one hand, the other he uses to cover his essentials.

The picture was taken by a Google Street View camera car on a suburban road in Saint-Guillaume, Quebec and comes just days after a German man was caught on Google naked in the car boot of his car.

It leaves the whole world clamouring to find out what book it was. Naked Lunch anyone?

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