Good loving not God loving

Although it's not hard to imagine that the majority of the population would much rather set their early morning wake-up on a Sunday for some tea and toast, Sunday morning programmes or more importantly, a chance at the nookie you've been waiting all week for, some people are up, out of bed and praying at their local church/mosque/synagogue etc. Sunday priorities and all.

But when the 'Sunday best' togs are off and it's time to get it on between the sheets, who has the better sex: atheists or believers? Can we really scream 'Oh God' before the critical moment, and mean it? Or are we really just animalistic in our pleasures and in no need of a divine context to our lives?

One scientific study conducted by Darrel Ray, Ed.D., author of The God Virus, and Amanda Brown, an undergraduate at Kansas University was undertaken earlier this year to explore the role of religion on our libido, Alternet tells us. 'The survey was looking at religion, atheism, and sex: how religion affects sex, how leaving religion affects sex, whether lifelong atheists feel differently about sex than people who have recently deconverted.'

The results, it seems, weren't all that suprising:

'Atheists and other non-believers, as a whole, experience a lot more satisfaction in their sex lives than they did when they were believers. They feel much less guilt about their sex lives and their sexuality. The sexual guilt instilled by so many religions tends to fade, and indeed disappear, when people leave religion.'

Maybe having a religion where sex is not a guilty pleasure might be the way forward.

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