X-Files STD

Someone call Mulder and Scully and tell them to start up a programme about educating children about safe sex. No really, we're serious, because apart from the fact that kids might recognise actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny as authoritative sources of wisdom (especially considering David's colourful past), they might feel inclined to listen to X-File type stories of a how STDs are mutating to become resistant to treatment.

Gonorrhea in particular has been identified as containing within its cells human DNA parts, acquired during the potentially risky act of having unprotected sex. The reason why this little unwanted friend is taking parts of our genetic make-up may be to make itself super-resistant, the Huffington Post proposes.

'This has evolutionary significance because it shows you can take broad evolutionary steps when you're able to acquire these pieces of DNA. The bacterium is getting a genetic sequence from the very host it's infecting. That could have far reaching implications as far as how the bacteria can adapt to the host.'

Any research into this area should be heavily funded: the last thing we want is to become alien-type hosts, with little critters waiting to burst out of our stomachs! (Or perhaps not.)

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