Golden Reliever

A Californian man is being investigated by police after they discovered a video of him orally pleasing his dog. Bradley Brainard was initially arrested for selling drugs to inmates at the California Men’s Colony where he was working as a plumber, but after police searched his truck they found a handheld camcorder with some very disturbing footage of him and his pet Labrador.

“We saw lots of video,” said investigating officer Sgt. Joe Allen (and the poor man who had to trawl through the hours of tape.) “The video on the handheld camcorder showed footage of a person identified as Brainard masturbating and orally copulating the canine”. Also on the tapes, Brainard was seen “on a bed, naked, wearing a woman’s brassiere along with a chocolate Labrador canine and forcing the dog to penetrate him”.

Mr Brainard, 49 faces a court hearing and has been ordered to pay $25,000 bail. Er, You’ve Been Framed are offering £250 for every tape they show. Just an idea.

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