Goddess Oprah

Remember that sculpture of Britney Spears on a bearskin rug giving birth. Yeah, forever burnt behind your eyes too. Well, if you liked that, you’ll love this!

Artist Daniel Edwards has created a bronze sarcophagus in the shape of the naked Oprah Winfrey...yum! The pop-culture obsessed Edwards says the voluptuous version of Oprah was made in reference to the tombs of Egyptian royals because Oprah is "the closest thing America has to a living deity.” So Oprah is a Goddess of our time, eh?

Well, maybe…We wonder what Goddess Oprah, Queen of daytime TV has to say about this? Probably why did he make me look so fat…? We mean, we would NOT be happy if someone made a life size sculpture of us for the world and added lots of extra pounds. Oprah, we say sue!

Meeeh…At least it’s better than Suri Cruise’s First Poop, but not quite as good as the dead Paris Hilton…

(Image: from Alan Light’s flickr stream)

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