Sapphic songstrells

It's been the talk of the town on both sides of the pond for almost two years now as the hit television show with sing-along, up-beat show-tunes and storylines that resemble what high school kids in America might actually experience in those intrepid mid-teen years. What are we talking about? Glee, of course. And in particular two female characters whose relationship towards each other has gone from lipstick lesbianism to a sapphic scenario.

In the episode that will air in the UK in several weeks time, Brittany and Santana joke about their afternoons spent laughing about stupid boys and kissing whilst the relationship for one of them, Santana starts to become something deeper, something undefinable, Jezebel reveals.

'Santana has always been quick to clarify that she isn't a lesbian, but in this episode we learned that she's been using the 'fluid sexuality' label to downplay the seriousness of her feelings for Brittany. However, after weeping through a performance of 'Landslide,' Santana acknowledges that she's in love with Brittany, she's just afraid that makes her a real lesbian, not a girl who makes out with her friend sometimes because boys think it's hot.

It's an accurate portrayal of a modern concept where girls are free to experiment with same-sex feelings, whereas guys are persistently harassed and bullied for trying to come out of the closet. LGBT issues have always been a feature of the show with high-pitched 'New Directions' star Kurt Hummel being forced to change schools due to a homophobic bully.

We won't spoil the ending of this particular episode, named 'Sexy', but we warn you to have some tissues to hand (and not for that reason!)

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