Girl too (A)loud in bust-up in Ibiza

She's the leggy blonde from British girl band 'Girls Aloud' whose rock-star vocals blast through every single and who has a reputation for partying heartily. However, during the celebrations following pal Camilla Dallerup's wedding, Sarah and her boyfriend Tom Crane ripped into each other in trendy night-club Eden.

After spending most of the night 'hitting the sauce and flirting with fellas in the club', Sarah, 28, got a dressing-down from DJ boyfriend Tom Crane, 30, who close friends say had been spending most of the post-nuptial celebrations of friend Camilla Dallerup's wedding to Hollyoaks star Kevin Sacre baby-sitting her, the Mirror online reveals.

Tom had apparently had enough of Sarah's hardcore drinking but instead of getting her to calm down, he received a royal tongue-lashing in front of wedding guests and fellow clubbers alike. One guest noted that 'people were standing around gawping at them while it kicked off and they didn’t care who saw. Sarah wasn’t backing down and Tommy eventually stormed off home while Sarah opted to stay and party more.'

Seems like this pop wildchild might be drowning her sorrows over fellow bandmate Cheryl Cole's recent hospitalisation and the band's decision to reform without Nadine Coyle. But then again, Hardy's never really needed an excuse before!

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