Girl Power

As the old saying goes...what does the label say inside an Essex Girl’s knickers? 'NEXT'. It’s a stereotype all females from Essex have had to deal with since time immemorial, much to their disgust and other people's amusement. But to help change their image a new group has been set up: The Essex Women’s Advisory Group i.e WAGS (see what they did there?). WAGS is a three-year plan devised to ‘empower’ Essex girls.

Daphne Field, 70 the project leader and instigator behind EWAGs said she set-up the group because ladies of the English county were ‘suffering so much from this image’. She went on to say some are so embarrassed by their ‘easy’ tag that they lie about where they’re from. ‘Nobody talks about the Kent Girl or the Hampshire Girl - we just ended up with this tag. But there is nothing wrong with being an Essex girl. But I feel like I have to say I’m from ‘outside London’ and not from Essex’.

The charity is not only aiming to empower its ladies, it also intends on raising money for the cause: 'we have now got £38,000 and it is benefiting the women's refuges in Essex for vulnerable women, as well as the Girl Guides and the girls in the Essex Prince's Trust' said Daphne.

Well, we wish you all the best Daphne, no doubt you'll go all the way....

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