Girl aged ten gives birth in Spain

A girl of 10 has given birth to a 6.3lb baby in a hospital in Spain.

The father is also a minor, though his age is being kept a secret.

The girl’s mum told hospital officials in Jerez, Andalusia, that her daughter had been ‘living with her boyfriend’ in their native Romania and was already pregnant on arriving in Spain.

A hospital source said: ‘Girls can appear older than they are, but in this case the girl is just a girl.’ The region's social affairs minister Michaela Navarro refused to reveal the sex or health of the baby. She said: ‘The important thing is that mother and baby are cared for.’

The birth makes the girl one of the girl’s youngest mums. The youngest on record is Lina Medina from Peru, who gave birth at five years, seven months and 21 days in 1939, while Britain's youngest mum had a girl at 12 in 2006 in West Lothian.

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