Giant snowballs (and a willy)

Close your eyes and imagine yourself atop La Tour Eiffel in the capital of romance. You’ve got a glass of red in your hand as your ravishing partner whispers lines of poetry in your ear that you can just hear over the brisk winter breeze of a Parisian winter. You both look out to enjoy that celebrated view, when a most irregular and unexpected image meets your love-fuelled gazes – that of a giant cock and balls etched into the snowy grass below.

If you were there at the celebrated tower last Friday, this was probably your experience, as snapped by a Dutch tourist and posted on Twitter. And before you claim it’s a Photoshop job, we have proof that it’s no phallusy: after the image was posted, French journalist Aude Baron called the shop on the first floor of the Tower to check it was still there, and they confirmed it was – making tourists laugh and providing a reality check to cheesy romanticists.

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