Getting your arts in gear

Caught between a love of landscapes and nudes, artist Allan Teger has spent 35 years creating what he calls ’bodyscapes’ – surreal landscapes that use the naked human body as a backdrop.

You can find two lovers enjoying a lingering kiss on a bench which, on second glance, turns out to be a naked bum; or see riders on steeds galloping across the rolling terrain of someone’s bare back.

‘It was my intention to design images that would be seen as landscape, and only after a second look would they be seen as bodies,’ the 68-year-old artist, from Florida, told Metro.

‘I never even thought about bodies – I was most interested in the ‘flip’ in one’s mind, when we realise that a second interpretation of the image was possible.’

Using nudes meant his work was intitally considered controversial – a tag that he hopes doesn’t apply today.

In this age where any unusual imagery is usually the results of computer manipulation, I hope people appreciate the fact that my work is different,’ he added.

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