‘Get over it’

Newly famous Jessie J has confirmed the gossip about her being bisexual, admitting that she dates both guys and gals.

The Dude Looks like a Lady Do it Like a Dude popster had previously refused to talk about her sexuality since her meteoric rise to stardom.

But the newcomer spilled the beans on radio station In Demand. ‘I’ve never denied it,’ she said. ‘Whoopie doo guys, yes, I’ve dated girls and I’ve dated boys – get over it.

She continued: ‘ It’s not a secret, but it’s the only thing they can grab onto – they’re like ‘ she never drinks and she comes out of the party looking like she did when she went it – damn her!’

And Jessie, real name Jessica Cornish, has revealed how her friends have been bombarded with attempts to get information about her sexuality over the internet. ‘The amount of people that have contacted my old schoolmates about it ... Facebook is a lethal place.’

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