German men voted the worst lovers in the world

German men have been voted the worst lovers in the world with Brits coming a close second in a new poll. According to the ladies surveyed by OnePoll.com German menfolk are bottom of the league due to their terrible body odour.

British blokes came second because, surprise surprise, of their laziness with Swedish men in third place for being "too quick to finish". At the opposite end of the scale Spanish hombres came out on top closely followed by Brazilians and Italians as the masters of rocking the sheets.

The poll quizzed over 15,000 women who were asked to rate their best ever shag according to nationality as well as provide reasons for their choice.

Elsewhere in the 'could do better' section, Dutch men were described as being too rough while Americans were accused of being too dominating. Other nationalities which fared badly were Turkish (too sweaty) and the Welsh (too selfish).

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