German knocking shop offers free life membership

A German knocking shop got a bit of a surprise after launching a publicity stunt offering free life time membership to anyone willing to get the house of ill repute's name tattooed on their arm. Over forty blokes have already signed up to get Pascha, Cologne's biggest brothel, branded on their bods.

But the tattoo only entitles clients to free entry and free booze – it usually costs a fiver at the door. If they want to get their jollies, they'll have to stump up the cash. Pascha hit the headlines – well it was written about in The Sun – during the 2006 World Cup following its outlandish attempts to entice football fans into a place where they could be sure of the score.

The idea of getting the name of the most famous local knocking shop tattooed on your arm probably seems like a good idea for a certain type of bloke in his 20s, but there'll be some amount of explaining to do, as well as laser treatment, when they try to explain the tats to their future spouses.

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