Help the Aged (have sex)

No-one likes to picture anyone over the age of about 60 having sex, let's face it. We tell ourselves our parents only had sex once per child and try to run away when said (tolerating) parents give each other a friendly peck on the lips. In Germany however, there's a different kind of attitude to elderly sex: one that recognises the profitable contribution it can make for brothel-keepers.

In the face of new amateur porn websites being created almost daily in the country, older established brothels have either shut down having lost their customers or are trying new tactics to attract all'comers': such as bath seats, wider rooms for wheelchair users and friendly staff, the Independent tells us.

'Three years ago the city closed its oldest traditional brothel mainly as a result of competition from amateur online sex sites. One of Germany's most successful online prostitution forums is run by Gesext.de, based in Stuttgart. Its logo is a playmate with bulging breasts, orange hair and a saucy wink. The company's website auctions prostitutes, eBay-style, to the highest bidder. Set up five years ago, the site attracts some 60,000 visitors daily.'

It seems the invention of the internet has led to absolutely anything being ordered on line!

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