Geri Halliwell nude!

Oh dear for Geri Halliwell, oh yes for us. Nude photos of the singer when she was a teenager are to be published in US porn magazine Hustler.

The nude shots, featuring La Halliwell wearing only a pair of fishnet stockings and a pout, were taken to help boost her showbiz career, but have only managed to cause scandal for the star.

This isn’t the first time these pictures have cropped up; others were published by the British tabloids a few years ago. The photos will be published under the imaginative title “Ginger Spice Full Frontal”.

Sooo even if Geri Halliwell isn’t your cup of tea, you may simply want to see if Ginger Spice lives up to her name – if you know what we mean…

(Image: from YouTube)

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