George W.Bush: ’What is sex like over 50?’

We all know that before becoming leader of the free world, George W. Bush enjoyed a tipple. Now, in the first interview since leaving office, the former president reveals that once when drunk he asked a dinner party guest about her sex life.

In an interview to be aired on The Today Show, Dubya takes up the tale: ’I'm drunk at the dinner table at mother and dad's house in Maine, and my brothers and sister are there, my wife Laura's there. And I'm sitting next to a beautiful woman, friend of mother and dad's. And I said to her out loud ‘what is sex like after 50?’.'

The outburst was met with complete silence but the woman, whom he didn’t name, apparently saw the funny side eventually. When the former governor of Texas hit 50 himself, she sent him a message asking: ‘Well, George, how is it?’

George Bush Jr gave up drinking on the morning of his 40th birthday after getting as 'drunk as a skunk' the night before.

The interview is to be broadcast on the telly in the U.S. tomorrow.

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