A holiday firm is offering trips to Glasgow in an attempt to cash in from the lesbian telly drama Lip Service.

The firm is organising two-day Valentine’s excursions to the city where the drama is set. Visitors will be able to see the locations where the programme was filmed, including the Trans-Europe Café, where characters Frankie and Sadie meet in the show.

Love Scotland, which promotes the trips, is excited at what the programme, which follows the lives of lesbians in their twenties, is doing for the image of Glasgow.

Spokesperson Ruth Cochrane said: ‘So often on telly, Glasgow is seen as dingy and dark but this shows off the architecture and makes it look like a cosmopolitan place to be.’

The show takes its cue from American lesbian series The L-Word, which boosted tourism in West Hollywood, California, where it is set, when it was screened in the US.

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