'Gay parenting is all right', says Julianne Moore

Actress and Hollywood superstar Julianne Moore has got behind the rights of gay couples to become parents following her experiences with latest flick, The Kids Are All Right.

In the film Moore plays a lesbian mother bringing up a family with her same-sex partner, played by Annette Bening.

The part has made Moore outspoken about the rights of gay people to become mums and dads, insisting that all children need for a happy home life is ‘two loving parents.’

She tells Reuters, ‘Parenting is about the time you put in and the investment you make in ushering this little child and turning it into an adult. Whether you are a woman or a man,that is what your job is.

‘What children need is two loving parents. It doesn't matter if they are two mums, or two dads, or a mum and a dad.’

Yesterday she condemned remarks made by the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi that it is ‘better to like beautiful girls than be gay.’

She adds: ‘I think it's unfortunate, archaic and idiotic. To hint or to say that there is something wrong with homosexuality... it's unfortunate and it's embarrassing when people continue to perpetrate these untruths.’

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