Sexercise overdrive

'Let's get physical (physical)', a leotard-sporting Olivia Newton-John once sang in a gym filled with sweating, aging and beer-belly sporting male gym-goers. She was advocating the benefits of regular exercise whilst obviously alluding to the fact that an increase of endorphins caused by strenuous cardiac routines can make us feel all that more 'alive'. She might have steered clear from suggesting that using treadmills leads to increased libido: something us guys might be aware of, but don't actually explore in the comfort of our regular sweat-box.

Two gay Londoners however, clearly felt at home in the sauna of their local Virgin Active gym in the Barbican area of London as they used the (relative) privacy of the gym's sauna to get a little jiggy with it. Something which the police, who were later called and arrested the pair, claimed was a breach of public decency, the Pinknews reveals.

'They were released from custody on the same day. No further action will be taken over the March 4th incident [...] City Police confirmed that the pair had been arrested and said gyms in the area were being encouraged to enforce behaviour rules themselves.'

'The gym is popular with gay men and [the management] has been dealing with the issue of men having sex in the saunas for some time.'

Maybe cold-water only showers and posters of ageing mothers and bingo-goers doing aerobics would cool their post-spinning ardour?

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