No room at the inn for sin

Hotel-owners appear to be the new spiritual guides on our earthly plane, ensuring that the institution of marriage is protected and that only espoused couples share a bed in their establishments. Ok, I'm generalising somewhat but a recent legal victory at Bristol's Crown court shows that some proprietors who try to (supposedly) discriminate on the grounds of marriage aren't doing themselves or us any favours.

Take one Christian couple, Peter and Hazelmary Bull who prevented gay couple Martin Hall and Steven Preddy, who had had a civil partnership some time before visiting the Chymorvah Private Hotel in Cornwall, from sharing a bed. Their reasoning? Only married couples are able to share a bed without sinning, the Pinknews reveals.

'In the ruling the judge said the right of the defendants to manifest their religion is not absolute and 'can be limited to protect the rights and freedoms of the claimants'. Mr Preddy and Mr Hall said they were pleased with the ruling. They said: 'When we booked this hotel we just wanted to do something that thousands of other couples do every weekend – take a relaxing weekend break away.'

The couple, whose case was funded by the Equalities & Human Rights Commission, were awarded £3,600 in compensation.

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