John Snow says out you go!

What a mixed bag Soho is. We've done our time at Excite in trawling the streets, looking for the latest tantalising tales to regale you all with, first-hand experiences only, of course. We've seen the over-flowing, go-go-boy fuelled bars of Wardour Street and the house-music and fine ales being appreciated at bars of Greek Street, crowds of all persuasions and variations enjoying a good Saturday night out. But during the week, the line between 'territories' maybe becomes a little blurred (possibly due to the hangover...)

So when gay couple James Bull and Jonathan Williams were asked to leave the John Snow pub on Broadwick Street, Soho, because they were kissing, many assumed that this was an all-out affront to the liberal values that many see Soho's watering holes possessing, the Pinknews informs us. A woman claiming to be the publican approached the couple having an intimate moment and asked them to leave, along with an ordinary punter who questioned her motives.

'[Mr. Williams] said that during their first drink, a drunken man had asked them politely to stop kissing. Mr Williams said he politely asked the man, who claimed to be the landlord, to turn away if he was offended.'

'After more arguing, raised voices and our repeatedly asking for the woman’s name, we relented when the person claiming to be a plainclothes officer showed me something that looked like a badge. I’m not sure if it was, looking back, but he also gave us what he claimed was his badge number and his name. At that point we left, me shaking with anger and James furious.'

Should Soho be tolerant of any couples kissing, regardless of orientation or was this simply a case of disguised homophobia? The gay crowds staging a demonstration outside the pub yesterday may have already made their minds up.

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