“Gay” bomb is a winner

If it ever got off the drawing board, it would surely be the most lethal weapon in the arsenal of modern warfare – a gay bomb that makes enemy troops sexually irresistible to each other. This bizarre, but somehow appealing idea has so impressed scientists that they awarded it one of this year’s coveted Ig Nobel Prizes.

The awards go to achievements that “first make people laugh, and then make them think”. And the research behind them has to be genuine. Sadly, none of the geniuses from the US military involved in researching chemicals which could trigger uncontrollable gay desires were present to accept the award. It was given alongside prizes for probing how sheets get wrinkled and developing a method for extracting vanilla from cow dung. It does make you think though – imagine a real love bomb that could make people so busy having sex they wouldn’t have time to fight.

You know what? It’ll never happen.

(Image: from Atari, Gracinha & Marco’s Flickr stream) 

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