Let's play games

We learnt some time ago that some teenagers in Japan got so addicted to first-person online adventure games that they spent whole days in a cyber-cafe and actually forgot to eat for something like two days. The response from the industry? Create an addictive game that mimics those basic of life functions: in this instance, having it off.

The world-wide phenomenon, World of Warcraft, now has a rival version in the works where players can choose from a legion of sexually-charged characters, Asylum reveals. Avatars include ogling orcs, horny humans and of course the obligatory half-dressed elf maidens that come with any fantasy genre game.

''BoneCraft' lampoons 'World of Warcraft,' expertly focusing on something that game already has its fair share of: half-naked female elves. Dubbed an 'erotic fantasy quest' by its creators, we're expecting plenty of space marine–on-elf action and filthy orc sex.'

Just remember to bulk buy some rolls of Andrex in advance guys if you're planning on being locked away in a darkened room for some time.

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